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Setting Up The Android Studio IDE With The JDK And SDK

On the last post, i left some information about the basic tools used for Android Application Development and their download links. This time, i'm gonna show you how to set up the Android Studio IDE. The first thing to do it's to make sure we have all the tools installed and working properly, so, the first thing to verify is that the Java Development Kit it's installed correctly. Verifying the JDK Open the Command Line (CMD on Windows, Terminal on Linux) and type: "java -version", this command should give us a response like this: This response says that i have the JDK 8 Update 25, because it usually shows the most recent version installed, but i also have JDK 7u72 and 6u45 installed. If you don't have a response like this one, you need to verify that you installed correctly the JDK, some times, we need to set the System Variable called "PATH" to point to the JDK folder. Verifying the Android SDK Once we check the JDK, it's tim