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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning: A Short Analysis

Have you ever wonder what is Artificial Intelligence?, what is Machine Learning?, what is Deep Learning?, are them all the same? or how are them related? Well, in this post i'll help you up to understand what are those amazing concepts, how are them related and what are the differences between them. Let's get started! What is Artificial Intelligence? Well, this is a concept a little hard to explain at first because there are a lot of confusions between Artificial Intelligence and General Artificial Intelligence, but let's define them and spot the differences. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Is a sub-field of the Computer Sciences, focused on give a machine the ability to learn by itself without being programmed with rules and constraints. The main goal of AI it's to give machines a human like behavior in terms of data and signals analysis, processing and interpretations, and even more complex things such as have feelings and emotions. General Artificial In