My name is Ivan Verges, i'm a Mechatronic Technologist from Dominican Republic, I studied at Las Americas Institute of Technologic (ITLA). Most of my studies are related to Electronics, Electricity , Robotics and a little Mechanics, but i'm also a programming lover, that's why im writing here in this blog.

While i was studing, i have tested some programming languajes such as C, C++, C#, Java, Java-Script and some other. I work as an Embedded, Mobile and Desktop Developer, i use Java and C# for Android and Windows development, and i use C and C++ for Microcontrollers.

The main reason that push me to write this blog it's because a developer that does not share, does not learn. So i decided to share the little things i know with other developers and/or starters in order to learn new things and help people to learn new things too.

I hope you find this blog useful and interesting, see you next time:

Ivan S. Verges C.


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